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House of Fraser – christmas spots – Nicola Daley House of Fraser – christmas spots – Nicola Daley
Pressure (trailer) – Greg Shaw Pressure (trailer) – Greg Shaw
Otherwise Engaged (short) – Gareth Munden Otherwise Engaged (short) – Gareth Munden
Brand New U (trailer) – Greg Shaw Brand New U (trailer) – Greg Shaw

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20 years of ‘Hackers’

20th anniversary

I remember the day I was introduced to the costume designer (Roger K. Burton) and I was like, what the fuck is this guy on? Said actor Fisher Stevens when he gathered with Director Iain Softley and key cast to celebrate the 20th anniversary release of Hackers in NYC at the Nitehawk cinema.

It was a film that coined new expressions like cyberpunk, underground tech culture and the dark web before anyone knew what this all really meant. Beside the added bonus of seeing a young Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie, it is a film that defined a new generation and still resonates today.